The company has obtained ISO9001 certification:

First, the implementation of ISO9001 standards will help improve product quality.

Establish a quality management system in accordance with the ISO9001 standard. Through the effective application of the system, the company will continue to improve its products and processes and achieve product quality stability and improvement.

Second, ISO9001 to improve corporate management capabilities

The ISO 9001 standard encourages enterprises to adopt process methods when formulating and implementing a quality management system, identify and manage a number of interrelated activities, and conduct systematic management and continuous monitoring and control of these activities in order to achieve products that customers can accept. In addition, the quality management system provides a framework for continuous improvement, increasing the degree of satisfaction of customers and other interested parties. Therefore, the ISO 9001 standard provides an effective method for effectively improving the management capabilities of enterprises and enhancing market competitiveness.

Third, it will help enhance the competitiveness of international trade and eliminate technical barriers

In the international economic and technological cooperation, the ISO9001 standard is regarded as the technical foundation for mutual recognition, and the ISO9001 quality management system certification system is also recognized in the international scope and incorporated into the procedure of conformity assessment.